23 quot Concert Full Rosewood Solid Wood ukulele 4 Strings ukelele Hawaii mini small guita travel acoustic guitar Uke Concert in Ukulele from Sports amp Entertainment

23 quot Concert Full Rosewood Solid Wood ukulele 4 Strings ukelele Hawaii mini small guita travel acoustic guitar Uke Concert in Ukulele from Sports amp Entertainment
23 quot Concert Full Rosewood Solid Wood ukulele 4 Strings ukelele Hawaii mini small guita travel acoustic guitar Uke Concert in Ukulele from Sports amp Entertainment
23 quot Concert Full Rosewood Solid Wood ukulele 4 Strings ukelele Hawaii mini small guita travel acoustic guitar Uke Concert in Ukulele from Sports amp Entertainment
23 quot Concert Full Rosewood Solid Wood ukulele 4 Strings ukelele Hawaii mini small guita travel acoustic guitar Uke Concert in Ukulele from Sports amp Entertainment
23 quot Concert Full Rosewood Solid Wood ukulele 4 Strings ukelele Hawaii mini small guita travel acoustic guitar Uke Concert in Ukulele from Sports amp Entertainment
23 quot Concert Full Rosewood Solid Wood ukulele 4 Strings ukelele Hawaii mini small guita travel acoustic guitar Uke Concert in Ukulele from Sports amp Entertainment

Product Specification

Suitable For: Unisex

Suitable For: Home-schooling

Suitable For: Professional Performance

Suitable For: Beginner

Back / Side Material: Rosewood

Fingerboard Material: Rosewood

Body Material: Rosewood

Model Number: UK-23QMG

Product Category: Ukulele

specification: 23 inches

colour: Wood color

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Bridge: Rosewood

Sound point: Acrylic

Paint process: Open matt

String: Advanced nylon

Sound hole decoration: Fish bone wood

Nut & Saddle: Plastic fiber

Edging process: Fish bone wood



Hot Selling
If you are a Ukulele beginner, please check the recommendations for beginners at the end of this product. 


Material: rose wood

Back side panel: rose wood

Strings: Advanced nylon

Dismount: rose wood
Fingerboard: rose wood

Sound point: Acrylic

Paint: Open matt

Process: box full seal
String knob: retro open

Icon: Wooden laser engraving

Nut & Saddle: Cow Bones
Tone interpretation: performance level

Length: 60/67cm

Model: 23/26 inch Ukulele

  Package Include:
1x Ukulele
1 x Tuner(Without battery)
1 x Strings Replacement
1 x Pick
1x Carrying Bag
1 x Strap
1 x Finger Sand Shaker


















About the material of ukulele
Mahogany: The most common ukulele configuration, there are many ukulele on the market, almost all of the whole peach mahogany wood, the sound of this wood is warm and heavy, the texture is beautiful, the sound medium frequency is sufficient, the high frequency is not Very prominent, widely used in other places besides the fingerboard.

Spruce: The tone color is relatively clear, the color is generally milky white, the texture is dense, and it is used to make the panel of the piano. Suitable for decomposing chords and fingerstyles and classical and melodious styles.

Acacia: Also known as acacia, it is a rare wood with extremely beautiful lines. The high-end acacia wood will exhibit a flame-like texture, which is expensive because of its rareness, especially Hawaiian Acacia. Acacia has a mild sound like mahogany, but its high frequency is more prominent than mahogany, brighter and more grainy than mahogany. The tone is more focused on the intermediate frequency, the high frequency is smooth and tight, and the low frequency is clear but weak.

Sapele Wood: A medium-sized material that is a substitute for mahogany. There is no strong resonance, the sustain is weak, the sound is not coherent, the intermediate frequency is slightly better than the low frequency, the tone is more stable, crisp, and the sound resolution is higher.

The most recognized material for making Ukulele is the rare hardwood species Koa (Hawaii koa) from Hawaii. It is called Hawaiian Acacia trees, light brown, beautiful wood grain, and high-grade flaming lines. It has a mild sound like mahogany, but his high frequency is more prominent than mahogany. Koa is denser than Mahogany, so the tone is brighter and the low frequency is weaker. Due to the oiliness of the wood, the high frequency is slightly weakened. In summary, the Koa tone is more focused on the mid-range, the high-frequency is smooth and compress, and the low-frequency is clear but weak. Compared to other woods, the fundamentaltone in the Koa tone is stronger, less dynamic and more compressible. When playing hard, the sound quality is sweet. The sound will only appear after the wood has been played for a few years. The color is brighter, just like walnut has too much oil, use it as a guitar, the color is dark brown, and it is not painted to keep it special. However, the appearance after painting is also quite beautiful.



Buy Ukulele Tips:
1. Resonance of Ukulele: Listen to see if Ukulele sound is clear and sustain, how to resonate, you must try a few more to be more
2. Ukulele's pitch: With an electronic tuner, usually the store will have, after the four strings are adjusted from top to bottom to the GCEA pitch, then press the 12th grid separately, it will also be GCEA, if you can, Explain that the basic work quality of Ukulele is basically passed. If it is not very accurate, then it is best not to think too much. After all, can Ukulele, which is not allowed to play, be called "instrument"? At most, it is a toy with sound.
3. Ukulele's string: More Ukulele strings are nylon strings. The more advanced Ukulele will use the AQL strings. The energy of each Ukulele has been basically fixed at the factory, making it difficult to make more changes. Therefore, by changing the string, it is convenient and quick to make the Ukulele sound extra points. The most popular and cheap is the black GHS string. It is better to choose Aquila's white Italian AQL, even if a good Ukulele uses a bad string, The sound will be discounted, so pay attention to it.
4. Also try to see if the string is good:if the distance between the string and the fingerboard is too large, you can also adjust the string Saddle and the Ukulele bridge to make the beginner feel good to press the string.


How to choose the price of the entry Ukulele?
For the price of an entry Ukulele, I would like to share with you my experience. First of all, I decided to buy Ukulele for the purpose of being a toy? When is the instrument? Holding the budget?
Basically, the quality of uke sold online or Ukulele is uneven. Personal experience points out that the quality of Ukulele with an online price below $50 is very doubtful, because the international shipping cost (usually international shipping will be $10-30),Do you think that a ukulele sound quality worth $20-30 will be good? It is just a toy, Being a gift to a child is a very good toy.
Some people may think that they can buy the cheapest color paint Ukulele to play, and then upgrade to buy a good point, but a Ukulele with a bad sound and inaccurate sound, also has some degree of damage to beginners and players. And when you upgrade to buy a better Ukulele, you will be surprised to find that... the cheap Ukulele, the sound resonance is very poor, even if you don't touch it, you still hate it. This is the story that many uke players and I have come across. Why do you spend $30 more? Therefore, I suggest that you use your highest and highest budget as the standard to buy the first Ukulele. I would rather save more than $30. Ukulele, which is bought in a spirit of insufficiency, usually does not regret you. For your first Ukulele Also more meaningful!
The so-called penny, the Ukulele of the $20-30 color paint is really beautiful, but you don't know the cost of it is so scary! presumably the quality required for the "musical instrument", the check will not Rigorous, and a Ukulele's production materials, design... add up to a strong Ukulele body, good resonance and wood balance, with a good string button, Ukulele string, generally $60 -100 or more is very reasonable, even pulling the threshold to $200 is normal (when using better wood, Ukulele strings, string buttons)!

So online found that many friends bought a $20-30 Ukulele found that the sound is not accurate, poor wood, poor workmanship, unreasonable installation of string buttons, Ukulele bridge work times lead to poor stress fracture, deformation and so on, but the uke : It is "toy", "decoration", "things that can't get on the table"! This kind of negative impression can only be said that it is not enough to understand the instrument beforehand. I bought a toy or a Ukulele like a decoration. When I go back to the instrument, of course I don't want to force it~~

If you want to buy it back as an instrument to learn and play, please respect the design and craftsmanship of the instrument itself. A musical instrument that can be used to “play” at any time. It can be said to be a very low-cost entry in the $50 threshold instrument. The price is up!


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